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On the way home

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on the way home
2 Xiaopen friends, if Nelly can live for ten years, with Nelly that bamboo can also spend a little more than a decade, that is a blur of time, then bamboo, the more sad ah.
These are issued from time to time dad laments bamboo, bamboo mom always look crazy eyes in a cross in the past.
on the way home
Bamboo mother is love love Nelly, and every night morning kiss, cuddle time in the middle of the morning and evening, as the case may training training. Nelly is also the time in small, Ne Ne Mom Dad had bellowed over, “the dog a little education, no, not like a little look, it is now simply do not know they are dogs, it is thought he is an individual, with as we are by you get to. “mom calm back and asked,” that is now how to do? “My father had taken him slowly said,” must now take it to see a psychiatrist, to let it know that it is dogs, not people. “Mother Man Youyou the holding Nelly walked away, this is not what is neuropathy? Also a psychiatrist? Do not know who most of the go see a doctor?

on the way home
Snows that fall before the grass became visible to the false chestnut, chestnut can be regarded as the most embroidered pillow sham one, and look is really attractive, is useless.

on the way home
One pit floor, bamboo students to chestnut were all together.

on the way home
It looks beautiful.
on the way home
Case of a junior partner, real dogs over here, can not wait for a one, and some homes also more than a dog, dog park ah! — Wode microwave

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2-year-old children’s safety problems

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1, to prevent poisoning incidents.

Crisis: the child swallowed medicines, cleaning supplies, chemicals, toxic plants.

Measures: a good place dangerous goods mentioned above, high-set, locked, safety switches, including the adult’s bag, bags, to avoid being “Cut Package.” Home, not nurseries for poisonous plants, and pay attention to the small neighborhood centers, indoor plants.

2, to prevent animal bites.

Crisis: mainly refers to the dog.

Measures: Do not let children and pets alone together, do not allow children touching unfamiliar animals (not own pets), advancing the education in this regard.

3, carefully burn.

Crisis: Flammable liquid, barbecue, kitchen.

Measures: the absolute prohibition of contact with dangerous substances (alcohol, gasoline, sulfuric acid)! ! ! Away from the fire! ! !

4, pay attention to drowning incidents.

Crisis: bath, pond, waterside, water storage barrels.

Measures: Do not ever leave young children alone in the bath tub, only 5 cm of water depth can be accidents. Have a small pond within the garden fence, or cover. If pre-school children’s families, it is best not to dig hospital setting pond. Special attention to the neighbors pond, often drowning in the pond is found in the neighbor, their own security measures had been done, the neighbor’s neglected. Early for swimming lessons!

If the unfortunate drowning accidents occur, to the first aid immediately to seize the crucial first 5 minutes, call emergency numbers!

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