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Addictive full of meat sauce

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Last updated very unusual, said to be centered, results-left; to typing, the cursor is not significant. Want to go on strike! addictive full of soy meat soy meat looks like meat, In fact, not taste the same, and eat on the addiction, can not afford to strike. addictive full of soy meat eggs fried leeks, very well with rice ah . addictive full of soy meat fried cabbage, eat at one go 1. addictive full of soy meat now to eat soft pear time, anyway I call them soft pear, they soft-ah, soft to do not bite, a suction on the down. Peeled and cut into a large piece of a bamboo, no matter how much people lump all plug his mouth, and then stream the primary children about bus juice. addictive full of soy meat bought a green, hard and can not eat, put three or four days color soft. Friendly suggestions, cut into the pudding in Xiaoding with food, to cook with wine, the cut to the salad. . . . . . (My collar)

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