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Got up, still a little numerous, open 18 hours to play more than normal for 10 hours, all Dulu on the, plus 2 high-speed was closed, had to pass, more than 100 km journey from 9 to upgrade to a more than 1000 km. I want to give up the last part of the way, and really want to dive to the half-hour rest stop to sleep, it felt like back to the Middle School, the storm, ah, your eyes closed, ears not so, and soon get on the ground of the . . .
About snow on the road has become dominated by large trucks, car not running, they will do whatever they want big, fast track was the cart all the Pa. In a series of carts over from me after the less than 1 minute, I saw a light in front of the sea, a few carts and seven horizontal transverse cross-eight high-speed, so that you arrogant! Our car had to go around from their side, during which I also began to slip, slide into the snow, in line with the spirit of not throwing tightly car I slip out from the snow continued on our way.
Case of traffic jam, I expect will block until dawn, then turn off to sleep. I do not know when was the sound awakens, I saw a police gesture I step aside, I just moved to the edge of an ambulance car on the whistling, and then continue to sleep. Until I re-open eyes, the shocked, and in front of car? Quickly leave, a look behind the T classmates still sleeping, the whole became a high-speed barrier, to call him called up, weighs, the back of a car from the traffic around him.
slept This is caused by blocking the 5 hours of scenes, there is a scene in front. Then all the way to see a car accident caused by the cart, they are too horrible, there are a 4-foot turning overturned car, drive slowly, not to free?
German high-speed passages are not limited to, if you can casually good road, bad road conditions I opened this up to 60, fast on the spin, others will slip you do not slip. I saw a car in front of me slip S, scared I dragged a large distance, so vehicle in good or bad is a major factor in causing accidents.
Continue to dive, and so corpuscles of the resume is updated daily.

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