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Playing slide

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Bamboo summer where students and students play with the slide, bamboo students have demonstrated, the future mother would regular “were invited parents.”

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Valentine’s Day

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This came a few days late, the time difference between when we have it.

I almost do not want to end up a Valentine’s Day is when and how a month, and shift the dead only vaguely awkward back the feeling, as if to leave the country I have never Guoqingrenjie University.

Remember the first Valentine’s Day should be a year on February 14 that day after class back bedroom, into the corridor of a woman on the table saw guard stands a large boosted the careers of Rose, we have seen girls go in together, I will think that for me. Female guard stopped me to, “You are by Bo Liu bar, this flower is for you.” I am surprised, really do not know who. Open the card, know, so far still so determined to, but the distance is the problem, my boyfriend is on upstairs.

I took the take the floor, because I want to ask the man upstairs has not commenced. When he saw me holding a large holding roses went, the eyes and mouth while up big, “ah … … I’m sorry … … that you should rush in front of me … …” I’m big Pooh soon as, “This is someone gave me of! “, thinking? He won me a flower instead become righteous, “You’re with other people give you flowers?!” Next time it was a few are silent contemplation, then I think that sentence was actually said is “Do you even dare to face with so many brothers to send your children to spend with other people in front of me!” I slipped with the eyes of other people round, had to say, “Well, Who told you not send me flowers ah? “that schoolmate suddenly more emboldened to say,” In the future this never again! “Then I pulled out, went out for dinner.

On this day every year after I received a large holding sturdy rose, no others had.

Gone after leaving the country because of cross-border services flowers at the time yet.

Then later broke up without even a person quiet healing, but also not forget in the end a few years back, because they are afraid, afraid of the airplane to see after all. Glare of the pain that you just repaired heart will once again hit pieces, shattered how to do it, it was rebuilt. Distance is the problem, he’s in bed with someone else.

After getting married, no Valentine’s Day, because the students acknowledged that T is no longer SB’s SB’s Day, only SB was over. In my view, this is just unwilling to spend money on the pretext.

Therefore, in order to re-return of Valentine’s Day, I’ll have to re-find a lover. It is said that China Wuzhen is one of Aventure high, I think that is necessary for taking the time to look incognito. Grandpa Deng undying greatness of lots to talk about, in my opinion, “one country two systems” is sure to strengthen overall drop drop drop down drop implemented to continue to drop, whether it is zero after a few have the responsibility and obligation to support and complete the national policy, do not size, focusing on from my start!

Finally, I hope and wish that lovers can be satisfied every day, unlimited happiness humane, take action to reflect the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. Actively stimulate domestic demand, rapid increase economic growth and expansion of the Valentine’s purse will only open the floodgates to a festive atmosphere before then rising.

Most Finally, to bowl Danhua wine, eat sleep!
Valentine's Day