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Bamboo students first experience setbacks

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bamboo students experience early setbacks
Bamboo students a good day is coming first, and I remember when the game market is estimated that after the tyranny of the scenes do not have a. Setback education should be carried out in the nursery, child’s personality vital selfish, overbearing, unwilling to share, who can not let them continue to develop in the bamboo, can be corrected as soon as possible is the best. Only seen a violent storm, to see the beautiful rainbow.
bamboo students experience early setbacks
That paid the nursery table, the mother brings to the aunt, where bamboo went to in order to allow students to familiarize yourself with the environment of bamboo. Aunt looked kind yo! Meanwhile, bamboo students to expose some of his problems.
bamboo students experience early setbacks
Such will not be patient, strong up Jiugen children toys. Children do not give, displaying his Yi Gai bamboo on the way, reaching up to tear other people’s faces. Of course, this barbaric act in time to stop by Auntie. Aunt Mom, these are his to be learned here, the future will be good, he will change.
bamboo students experience early setbacks
Second, a little girl sat down beside her mother, sister bamboo immediately came to pushing, they have to sit on my mother. Brings tears little sister was a merciless crowd get down, made a Siyangbacha of lying on the ground, her mother rushed to hold up the poor little guy. Bamboo is also very willing to look, not a little sympathy. Ai-ai mother said to her sister, said as he stroked like to do, bamboo students looked very depressed. Aunt said, Ah, he knew that his mother, not someone else’s mother did not let anyone close, he grew up.
bamboo students experience early setbacks
And then attempt to go to snatch a few bamboo car of others, are aunt and mother to stop. The little boy saw the bamboo around like he did cry, for fear of another on bamboo Hand him. Mom can see straight startling, aunt comforted that he will learn the common sense of social contacts, and later will be changed. Bamboo is also a lot of things to learn, a good life began.
bamboo students experience early setbacks

Yes ah, the German national side is not so much early education classes, bamboo can only now begin to study. I would think that the domestic education of children in this area is very diverse, some children’s games to do more sports activities in place that allows children an early education in the conduct of frustration.
bamboo students experience early setbacks
I have a friend just last year the children go to school, learning courses usually numerous, every weekend when the mother of the high-quality children’s activities as far as possible. Prior to the CCTV Children’s Channel and a joint activity Erie
“Erie QQ Star Challenge Little Warrior”, is said to have application in 20 cities point to a lack of order and then when the little warrior is not even the weekend went to calligraphy class, shows how this event to attract children. I joked that the scene is not good drinking milk fat, and when the mother of that child stars grow Erie QQ really good milk, honey taste is very unattractive, “triple protection system,” the growth of nutrient absorption formula is also great. But more important is the event gets, the straightforward game, while training the child’s mind and is playing well there are a variety of prizes, the most important thing is to have competitive sports there are winners and losers compete with today’s kids need to understand the frustration of failure is too taste of what it is.

bamboo students experience early setbacks
(Thanks to Friend image)
Even though the only part in some games, little children, but to be unkind. Are there other people run fast, there are no other points more than others have found the treasure, and this may seem as trivial as they may’d stick it personally, just as we adults do not get the chance to upgrade as concerned about pay . Site after a freak a lot of frustrated kids, wise parents just take this time to live “setback education.” Not afraid of failure, life is most important is Yuecuoyueyong courage to do this is the real “Little Warrior.” Of course, there are a lot of education of children, after waiting to drink milk, after all, the seedlings must we also need to sweetness and light Well stormy.
bamboo students experience early setbacks
(Home, bamboo, are placed into their car tidy up)
I said, big points, such as bamboo, have started to experience again experienced defeat, and how the old line out a face sideways. Unfortunately, not here, “Erie QQ Star” this section, it would have to experience the experience of bamboo pull, maybe a chance later on in the country about a bunch of Friends of Bo to take the kids to participate in activities together, it will certainly play a very happy .

Homemade salted eggs

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homemade pickled eggs
Pickled eggs inside the house be even something simple, what eggs can be used to marinate, this time I used the egg.
Materials: 1, eggs; 2, salt; 3 wine.
Higher concentration of liquor, preferably 40 degrees or more spirits, wine has become a success too light.
Production: the clean and soaked in wine egg, whole egg wet, then add salt, roll on the covered bowl of salt, commonly known as get out.

homemade pickled eggs the wrapped wine and salt eggs sealed storage, the more flavorful the longer, and even egg yolk also the oil.
Hands-on try it, very simple very tasty.

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