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Celery sauce chicken neck

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celery sauce chicken neck
With boiled chicken neck first look, remove the water drained, put the oil wok fried, white and black during the pour, wine, salt, sugar, cinnamon, star anise, chili sauce, water seal stew. Later cut into the celery, celery here is the ingredients, you have to love to eat will do.

celery sauce chicken neck
Sauce taste great yo! Beer, red wine can take paternity.

celery sauce chicken neck
Do one thing each time you do not know that playing two roles, one is “to be achievers,” one is “to success are.” When you’re not “be” when is the “go.”
Nortel exam that year, when I met a young girl, she told me to take is not a professional, we know the physical examination. Arts test over the three test after shopping and a “smiling tiger”, is the examination. Is to check your body, in fact, another wave of people out. Because of special expertise, so art school medical examination is more than the average number thing.

celery sauce chicken neck
When I checked to be stuck vision, uncorrected visual acuity is certainly very bad, the doctor said, corrected visual acuity for it. I am ignorant, and I do not have glasses, can not be corrected. While in high school I was short-sighted, but never with glasses, magic 8, because I sit in class, special seats, front row, after the podium before, under one million people over the special seat.
I was really ignorant, do not know how to do, I think not I will cut you to be vision problems? Just that girl over, she said that after she had glasses, you can lend me. I Yune, the glasses can easily wear it? I seem to know everyone’s glasses are all in degrees, right? Besides, everyone in fact is still competition, can be a small one.
I took the physical examination alone go back and find that the doctor asked if he could give I checked, I have glasses, none dare say not mine. Doctors agreed. The girls ran downstairs to find her mother, her mother there glasses.
Later, I wear glasses inspection and approval, which is only then that I felt the power of glasses, can see so clear, incredible!

celery sauce chicken neck
After school I was in the crowd in search for new, looks around did not see until the new set of non-stop when I go to their professional look, or did not see. Does she not admitted? I am a bit lost, but always felt there is still hope. I went to see them after the Department of girls asked, they said they did not this person. I eventually lost to the bottom, really did not got in, I suddenly very sad, because I told her well the school see, now, I do not know her whereabouts, her heart, her future, not admitted , a fatal blow ah, arts test is like that.
I walked away trance, can, her appearance is to send my glasses? Next, I had been thinking, she doing? Any other way out? Abroad? Because I was such a consideration is, enough to test into the abroad, as early as the night out anyway, is to be out. Early in the morning went to France, Germany, later went out. She went to what school?
Many, many things, first sight is so oblivious, in fact, very meaningful, you inadvertently achievements me, I inadvertently made you, then no one knew before we find it interesting, do not forget the past.

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