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Tenderness angry mother

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tenderness angry mom
Some thing, say a few words. First, the neighbor aunt that looks exactly like bamboo, mother, do not look like a little father, this person may be true or vision problems between China and Germany, look at all like the foreigners are not their own people.

tenderness angry mom
Second, the bamboo has been relentless today, took the students several times to go and fall ill, do not wear pants no shoes on, wear the 10 minutes when Peter got out of the door have not been ruthless mother shot meal, lying on the ground crying, and finally pants, shoes and dressed, out of doors, is less to play!

tenderness angry mom
Third, freedom of movement of loose away from home, my mother to go very far people does not matter, love go where their mother watching in the distance, people turn a blind eye, or two passers-aunt came up questions “about your mother?” This know the direction to the mother, traveled on when not seen, was finally picked up my mother did not want Adam Street Kingdom by the Sea, is difficult to avoid.

tenderness angry mom
Fourth, one out on the car, the three returned to power today, they have a car. . . . . .

Very nice picture on the gray bar mom, hot wire you have not seen annoyed look. . . . . .
tenderness angry mom new show.

The other, the temperature up, and bamboo Niang up enthusiasm, and now, start, fertilization program, expected to fat by the end of May rose to 55Kg, currently less than 52, Go! ! ! In view of this person is not eating fat dry type, please move children more than offer distorted, that is, I love love you, thank you!

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