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The most hard homemade fried dishes

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the most hard homemade fried dishes
Fresh Garlic, not the frozen drop yo, cut a bunch of soy sauce on the meat, stir some, fry some more sauce when, when to give a teaspoon of sugar pot on it.

This fried dishes must use bowl.
the most hard homemade fried dishes
Say it is a classic dish of oil, now at the mention of cooking oil have thought of saliva is not oil, waste oil or something, I do a little bit similar to this oil. That is, the oil that fried the steak drained Unfortunately, so take advantage of the oil into the hot chili, pepper, star anise, cinnamon, cloves, and then let them out the flavor in the oil slowly until the oil cools to find a glass bottled up and can be used after cooking.

the most hard homemade fried dishes
The final stage of the two fresh mushrooms cut into, mushrooms do not release early, listless child has not tasty. In fact, the air outlets, as long as what hotels, restaurants should come hang out at the door, “OUR oil, rest assured!”, And welcomed inspection, transact business, talk about the last word drops Kazakhstan. —- Wode microwave

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