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Open from black to white

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open from black to white
6 am and go out the door at 2 pm and 7 more than 100 km run death of me. Germany, winter can not wait to 9:00 before all the big bright snow through the night to be in pain, ah, straining to see, straining to scrape the windows, straining to concentrate.

open from black to white
SMART run relatively large high-speed voice, because the engine in the car. Another issue to note is that, also in the car trunk, so you should hurry to buy the ice cream home, be careful to be heating warmed up. Of course, if you can in the fridge.

open from black to white
You are the ONE.

open from black to white
Consulate in Frankfurt before heard bad parking, no parking. I’ll park outside the gate, and then the left visual with that card and went.

open from black to white
Opening hours Monday to Friday, 9 am to 12 pm, 11:30 to stop the period. Ah ah catch me in time, all the way black over, I thought you must be under such a good attitude to me, I ran so hard to see if the color I had to quit next time.

open from black to white
The staff of the window has been frowning, let alone laugh, even that did not mean. Saw my passport, “Konstanz, far enough up.” Difficult to know how much I was 8, I hasten to say ah, but also snow, way up over scared me. Brows GG said, “go to your mail?” I say “good”, is frequently more than 100 km 7 Who can ah. Submitted by 60 major European,’s over, also points minutes after 8. Was, I quickly go out, do not I drop a car to tow. Feel that although there is no warm scenes, but you can see they are busy, a busy Chinese people will not laugh, mutual understanding, after a thing had to come to ah.

open from black to white
High-speed on the reminder of the serious consequences of speeding, portrait happy smile on people, living people unhappy. Came across two traffic accidents, are rear-end, more trouble ah.
Night to see the film “same same
different “, is recommended. Is taken under the true story, typical of German tourists to Asia to find the story, Miss, miss, got AIDS, but also kept the money to find this German man support his family, from strangers, love each other do not understand, argue, break up, to come together eventually. I just want to, I have to educate my son, not a prostitute as a girlfriend later, perhaps it is true love, but, why should it, or make life simple point, the health point of 8.

Today store
Pooh baby
(The spot)

Tiger diamond studded flash

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This blog is to give optimistic, hardworking, intelligent, active life online shop Lord knows who we are, all at the owner, then short, given the lovely women.

First of all blessings and congratulations to the owner had just entered the marriage, their life into a new model, you must still happy, excited, everything is so sweet happiness, enjoy a beautiful beginning of each, and wish you good days of steady and wish you a day every day in this growth, strong. I gave you four Chinese characters, these four words when I arrived in Germany a still older than my mother’s aunt told me earnestly, and that is to let myself be “gritty”! No matter where you are in, if you can not bring myself to this level of exercise you will accomplish nothing, a woman can not live so meaningless. Or a single woman in your youth when you should start exercising, and marriage is the threshold crossed this threshold you should be further strengthened tempered.

Congratulations to a good pregnancy and then during the shopkeepers, and wish you a happy pregnancy, safely, ready to meet baby preparations. In fact, this is all a bit selfish to do an online shop, when the United States and its single, pregnant, a baby is also the first to meet their own needs, and the rest placed in line with what we can share the profits with their own back then remains is to make the play. Did not know about before birth and baby, and wait until their children home in a landing on, and then picked up the up-and-use products in Germany say the least, is to ensure the quality of children is the beginning of this life off from the rest assured .

With the spirit of the child’s owner is the most commendable, and usually they have to go to work, leisure in both storefronts, but also their kids after work, but also busy this busy that this is a great mother. Wish your children healthy, happy, loved her mother after that. Also hope that these products from Germany to the children’s childhood has left good memories.

Wish to live in various stages of life, the owner had another very good year Year of the Tiger, Heart Change Drill, Drill variable crown crown! I am very glad to hear you say “I am beginning to back this up!”, “My daughter loved the candy!”, “That thing is useful, buyers have responded well!” … …. I will continue my life in Germany, to recommend to you baby, Tiger in high quality constantly to surprise everyone.

I also thank you for bringing to my surprise, thank you for your warm messages, thank you for their support. Also thank you for your confidence in me to write my life’s difficulties, I hope I can play little role in response. Life is not difficult to never become gritty, multi-step to a good thing, so that it can stand a higher chance. Presented are doing things, look for a job, failing to, work for some lucky people the trouble of the rain:
China Rinpoche said:
Past the line of reincarnation for any benefits,
View, see the charm-free management,
To this end a very happy and very well put down men, and
In addition to all acts recite Mani homes.

I wish you good luck, welfare, wealthy and wise, even more powerful!