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I would like for you to spend money

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Yesterday heap honey dinner, talking about a problem, a woman how to make money more than men do? Or, are you willing to find a man without economic strength?
My husband said I do not care to spend my money, but the husband must have their own work (for independence), all positive attitude towards life, maybe I earn more than him, but I am willing to work with this husband to share my “extra value.”
Speaking of raising a man, if this man has hands and feet are unwilling to do anything, the one depends on, then I definitely do not want to. I have never thought of going to someone else’s her son, her boyfriend for reading, not the bones of the thing these life I would not want to.
But the problem is often to men, they can not stand beside this woman has more money than they, one can not stand up to the beginning Fan Maobing.

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I said before the film version of the

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Is this version, we have time to look at it, will not curse me, not enjoyable to look online to buy CDs on it, I give the link.

Phantom of the Opera
Can click

And, I think, Phantom must be a Scorpio man. . . . . .

Movie lines is consistent with the opera this can be in control of the watch opera.

Sun tortoise

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sun turtle
The sun came out, have a small turtle sunning.
sun tortoise
Kim’s house in exploration a head.
sun tortoise
Comfortable sun bathing.
sun tortoise
sun tortoise
U7 to do next month, and yet they do not forget Baoma appointment.

sun tortoise
To see what the medical doctors to be accountable.
sun tortoise
This time the child has been asked and calcium thing, a child born in Germany two weeks after the film began to take vitamin D daily one, taking their first years on it, did not eat up much useful. This is only recommended, not mandatory, recently someone showed me an Taobao store’s advertising slogan, wrote, “If you do not eat, children got rickets, the German insurance does not give protection.” This is simply nonsense, the German children that no matter what illness insurance is to be accepted. Taking calcium D film is a proposal to accept do not accept you love, love to eat do not eat, some people do sell to say that the red black, so much the product of their own country but also one big mouth to say another country products, this is irresponsible, no German vendors.

D film is one of the ways to promote calcium absorption, there are many ways you like to accept the methods which can be calcium. Germany would like to take the child’s mother can contact D-chip companies BABEX various storefronts, I also talked with the owner, product publicity to the fact that the writing, not to engage in some nonsense, then how other people write that they love things, our company does not produce pollution and eggs. —- Wode microwave

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