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Son and mother

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Corruption in the evening went to Yu Garden, wow dumplings, dumplings, as well as steamed dumplings.

Just one seat on the feeling behind that table has a woman voice is very prominent, and the want to look at is the sort of person, or forget, not that his voice is a bit Well. But that tone, a tone that is a care of the household, that is, not offend anyone with the empress dowager that type. I would like to be a woman to a certain age, experience will be accumulated to a certain extent like this, such as soybeans, as my generation that would stand in front of the crying girl, “Aunt good!”

During the stay the staff continuously over the bamboo, also asked that boys and girls, that boys look so delicate ah! I have a bun erupted!

Bamboo is not honest, very excited, wearing a long coat, long wool scarves tied the men walked from the table, bamboo, pointing people to the back of the students shouted, “sister,” her mother hastened to stop.

After a while the young man back, I saw Lang Lang now face is, think of the blog a few days ago he was also in Hamburg New Year. And the “Queen Mother” is the Long Mom, extenuating circumstances, raise a son like mother nature when the sound of high-ah.

When they take the Long Ma also praised the attitude of some good, and this is the whole restaurant could hear, and go extremely anxious, and said to go to Cologne, but also to open four hours by car. Haha, finally someone than I do the long distance was very balanced, safe to eat roast duck.

On the way home I thought, ah, like a lot, you know what I want to do? I slowly along the first thread.

1, Lang Lang’s wife to suffer severe after-law ought to, do not know who’s daughter to make Long Mom Heart ah? Substandard care, leaving in wait on her mother, compliance, and even exceeded the peace of that day have been.

2, prior to media speculation Liu Yifei family intends to Lang Lang, Lang Dad did not Jiecha. Whether true or false, Liu Yifei has her dowager at the helm who, after Liu’s son is not necessarily worse than someone’s son.

3, China issued a Lang Lang, Yundi Li out of the month, is said Xiao Li, fun does not practice the students are now techniques to die, have disappeared. Out several “child prodigy” are small to be playing out, as some say Europe’s pianist is the small lots of practice, China is playing out of childhood, with qualitative differences.

4, after I hit the bamboo it? Playing to the score, ah, ah do not fight no talent! The problem is, I want him to “talent” it?

5, I have to ask you bamboo? No. And so he went to a number of years I will send him to music school, which is the traditional German children’s education, with the flow wow. Unless its conditions are too is not suitable for children to study music, then go learn something else.

6, I have not asked his son, before I said to myself, as my mother did not ask for, but still have what I think. No matter how much is the time when his son, if he encountered difficulties, mouth, and hand, and my immediate response when the mother can help him solve the problem, like my mother.
… … … … … …
I kept thinking I had opened an outlet, Grandma’s, so I finally come down from a high speed when no longer continue to think, because a village just saw a deer running across the road from in front of me, I looked It’s come to office, the supermarket? ? ? ! ! ! Is it Qutao supermarket trash it? ? ? ! ! ! Half a month to thick snow cover, the woods must be very difficult to find food, empty them anymore. For a while and saw a deer, then two as the wiper sweep the same way on both sides, this strong like wild deer stones, covered with a muscle light look at the firm, not to mention my car bashed up, hit the event a mother come out to feed the deer, that deer more than the poor at home ah!

So, sometimes a child feels that she should think about protecting their children than did the mother not as good as grass. Protect yourself this mother, but also protect the other mom, can not let other kids into grass. Finally, the conclusion is that, to protect all women, This is a people-oriented.
Think over, go to bed.

Signs of sunshine

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sunny signs
This two-day sun are good to go out today to buy vacuum cleaner, before that was a small bamboo students to fall, and good news on the 10 dollar thing. The temperature outside the car is still very low, the wind. I bathed in the car returning to the sun, when the sun drying it to half of the face, back when the sun drying it and then half of the face, anyway, enough of his face to the sun.
Wilderness roadside piles of deer appear from time to time, they come out to feed, and see flowers opening up my heart, really nice!
sunny signs
Evening, the cart out for a walk, the snow was gone, saw the young Mole had planed the mound, it was Nelly’s favorite, one by one the smell, love does not release claw.

sunny signs
Well, days went to see the castle, which activities Tingzhi.

sunny signs
Germany’s pedestrian zone are basically closed down 19 points, and some large supermarkets will be open until 20:00 or 22:00.

sunny signs
Students to the bamboo steamed sponge cake, an egg volume.
sunny signs
Put shrimp, this place just does not have water, you can put some more. Germany’s eggs to be strong than some of China, China’s egg to break out of some relatively rare. Is not the same as chicken, raw eggs are not the same out of you. Therefore, the use of eggs Zhengji German cake should put some more water, or were old.
sunny signs bamboo saw my mother holding my cell phone camera also photographed , pretend to be kinda like.

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Angel gift

To, cry

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to, cry
Look at the small for gestational age pitiful drop it, now reveal that some glorious deeds, so that we better understand what this poor child.

to, cry
Bamboo students crazy car, the first will say that the word is Auto, is even said the word daydream. A mother driving, suddenly felt how the market gets cold ah, there is a never had sound. Mom is not the car out of a strong suspicion what the problem, open it go an ‘suck. Eventually discovered that their own side of the bamboo window to press down for a while, mother to push back, furious!

to, cry
Another time, driving the car during the alarm suddenly cried out in surprise mother mad, depressed want to jumping, and found that bamboo to pull up the handbrake, but fortunately he can not all pull together, or slip occurs. Mom had gone totally insane, mother, son will not enjoy a comfortable life for his mother.

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