Enough snow

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snow enough
Today about half a month for the first time since the baby carriage pushed out, very painful very painful, because many roads simply could not move because the snow really is very painful, sore arms are pushing, cursing, pushing the final, SB Snow True TMSB, I have to cart out I was a SB.
This year the snow has not liked, and simply abominable!
snow enough
Open the stroller Shihai the bamboo hand to the folder, but still have no right, while the students took bamboo Adhesive bandages removed to stick on the mouth, knew to be closed mouth.

Children Daoshi Henshuang, playing in the snow for so long, but great people, in particular, to work as usual, out of great people must have bored Toutou of the.
The video can clearly hear the calls of birds, but I think they have come about not because Spring Festival, but was hungry out the next time I go to pet shop to buy some bird food, hang out, and threw out , the poor animals.
When I was cesarean section thought, thanks to my personal, ah, there are other students who do not come out to me the surgery, those forest animals how to do ah? How many mothers because the animals produce both mother and child, and even more with the life gone on, this data is not statistics, too poor, and a man is really lucky ah!

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